Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Joy to the World -- New Monsters Release!

The Monsters is the only band tattoo I have.  Seriously.  It was the first Voodoo Rhythm Records band I heard, and it made me fall in love with the label.  Well, now there is a new release out.  ... Pop Up Yours.  I do hope this one finds its way into my mailbox.  Life wouldn't be right without it.

I can't review it yet, because I don't have it, but ... here is a video from the new album.  Listening to it gave me goosebumps, as the band usually does.  It is garage rock/rockabilly/fuzzed nightmare music.  Remember that hot girl from school you always wanted to have sex with but were afraid to because she looked dangerous?  She was dangerous.  She now listens to this.

Of course, a tour has been announced.  Of course, I am not anywhere near any of the cities it is hitting.  Though, if I were in Germany, I'd be all over this every night.  The Monsters is one of the few select bands I would bother to see live.  And hey, who wouldn't want to catch these guys at a Coffin Festival?

Go to the website.  Order the CD.  It won't disappoint.  Of this, I am certain.  Oh, and if you are overseas or will be, below is the tour schedule.  Man, I'm jealous of all these lucky foreign folks ...

29sept. swiss zurich STALL 6
30sept. austria dorbirn transmitter fest.
1st october nl eindhoven effennaar coffin festival
2nd october germany frankfurt moonshake party ponyhof
3rd october germany, Dreseden, Groove Station
4th october germany, Rostock, Mau Club
5th october germany munster gleiss 22 .
6th october swiss fribourg Nouveau monde ..
7th october swiss wintherthur GASWERK
8th october france METZ les trinitaires
14th october swiss, Rolling Rock, Aarau (record release party !!)
15th october swiss, Reithalle, Bern ( record release party !!)
27th october germany, SO36, Berlin
28th october france, Mains d'oevre, Paris
29th october england, the lexington, London
20th january swiss, kofmehl, Solothurn
21th January, swiss, Zoo L'usine, geneva

Monday, September 5, 2011

Letters from GG Allin 10

It's time for more GG Allin letter fun.  I keep finding these, and people seem to like them, so I'll continue until I run out of them.


I got issue #6 and the m.o..  I'll be getting in touch w/my people on the outside to take of it.  Send #7 as soon as it's out.  Enclosed is a missing flyer for you to include in the next issue also.  Make copies and post the motherfuckers everywhere.  Fuck these pig bastards.

GG Allin 206045

I couldn't find the flyer online, and I don't feel ambitious enough to scan it here, but I did hang them up in various places, including at my factory job that I had at the time.  It prompted plenty of questions and helped solidify my insanity in management's eyes.