Monday, January 16, 2012

I've Got the Devil Inside

Don't let the devil's suave looks, polite words and slick special effects fool you.  He created rock 'n' roll to turn all of you into incessant fornicators who would like nothing more to be humping away all day in a cloud of smoke and a puddle of booze.  God's fighting back, though, and Reverend Beat-Man's Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash Vol. 2 is the Lord's answer to the devil's dirty tricks.  

The good reverend's Voodoo Rhythm label put this out (of course).  It's twelve songs (narrowly avoiding that wicked number) of truth in advertising.  It starts with "Letter To Myself" and ends with "The Swiss Army Knife."  Nothing is filler.  All of it is holy.  The devil can have Mayhem and Jay Z., this is for the folks who understand that God likes humpers, too.

As I've said on countless occasions to anyone who stands still long enough to listen, Voodoo is a label for musicians by musicians and could be the most important label out there right now.  Beat-Man's release proves it.  It is a celebration of a distinctly American sound filtered through the lens of a foreigner.  You hear it and you can't help but think, "He does our music better than we do."  Example?  "Blue Moon Of Kentucky."

I love this song.  My daughter loves this song, and will inevitably turn up the stereo whenever it comes on.  What starts as a traditional country crooner quickly evolves into thunder cracks, gun shots, sirens, the fiddle and banjo.  It is unlike anything you've heard in the past decade.  If I was lucky enough to race in NASCAR, this is the song I'd used to get pumped before tackling Bristol.  

The video above is for "Don't Stop to Dance."  Featured is a woman with some nice ink.  Any woman with tattoos and a love of Voodoo is someone you will want to know.  Not because of the overt sexual nature of her being (though that will be stronger than most women you meet), but because of her intelligence and ability to carry a conversation on an amazing number of topics.  I have witnessed this firsthand.  I am still waiting for one of them to disprove my theory.  It won't happen.  

This release came out four years ago.  It sounded dated and timeless upon its release.  Nothing has changed.  It is beyond what is being done now musically, but its roots are firmly stuck in America's swampy past.  It is the man of God at his finest. 

Mandatory FTC Disclaimer: I received this to review.  If you click on a link I may earn a commission.  If you don't buy this release you are an idiot.