Sunday, May 22, 2011

Here is Bald Truth ... Nailed to the Wax

Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers.  Have Knees, Will Tremble.  This provided the soundtrack to tonight's editing of the cannibal manuscript.  It was fitting, to say the least.

I often listen to loud music when I write and edit.  There are times when the music fits the scene I'm writing, and that is magic.  If you've never experienced something like that, I can only tell you that it is unlike anything you could imagine. 

Voodoo Rhythm Records put this out oh-so-many years ago, and it holds up.  Described as traditional rockabilly meets swamp blues meets '60s beat, I can't think of a more apt description of a band's music.  And while the soundtrack I envision for the cannibal manuscript is mostly old country, this fit quite well.

"This record is a lesson for every teen-ager and a warning for every parent!"  That's what the cover says.  I doubt many teens are listening to this, as they are too absorbed with whatever shit passes for music these days.  This harkens to the past, a time when music was actually seen as dangerous and were never seen on the Today show with Al rocking out. 

If only they knew ...

Mandatory FTC Disclaimer: I received this for free to review.  Clicking on a link can get me a small commission.  Listening to the music can be liberating.

Info on the New Juke Joint Pimps Release

Regular readers know I'm a huge fan of Voodoo Rhythm Records and all it produces.  Here's the info I got on the new Juke Joint Pimps CD, Boogie The Church Down.  I expect this will be as awesome as every other release on the label.

The Juke Joint Pimps meet their alter Ego “the Gospel Pimps, TRASHED UP WILD FRANTIC RAW RHYTHM N BLUES CHICAGO STLYE meets holy grail preaching Gospel Louisiana Soul. Not only on this record, as well live on stage the Band Jumps into two Suits.. once into the BOOZE GUZZLLING SINNER PIMPS then got saved by the Holy .. THE GOSPEL PIMPS, incl. authentic Gospel Choir and Roman Catolic preacher uniforms, what does a sinner like you want more from live! The whole album starts up with EAT FOR ME, a song that could be written by R.L. BURNSIDE. It has slow songs as well like the I NEED MY BABY or SWEETEST HYMNS the flipside of the album is dominated by the gospel music of the early and mid 50’s THE STAPLE SINGERS the PEACOCK catalogue inspired them to do such a recording.. invited a gospel choir into the studio and start recording I FEE GUILTY is a fine example of very strange gospel and raw rhythm n blues .. sung by sinners for sinners and the outcast.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still More Letters From Doug Evil

I have not reproduced the band logo he is referencing here, as I think he may not like the logo now if he were to see it.  Doug Evil designed two logos for my band, JFK's Head.  I don't know if we ever used either because the band was pretty short lived.


Here are 2 versions of your logo.  If there's anything you don't like just write.  It would be no problem to do another.  In the future I won't make you pay.  We can simply trade tapes or 'zines or stuff.  I feel guilty making you pay after you give me free ad space and free publicity.  I'll also give you my new address but if you don't get a reply right away then the mailman can't find Doug Evil in Pitts.  Also, I should soon be in a full band within the next 1 or two months.  Till then ...

Haplessly Yours, Doug Evil

I did not mind paying for the logo.  Artists need to be compensated for their work.  (Even the ones from whom you steal music.)  I don't remember what I paid him, but I do think we stopped writing soon after this letter ... as Doug disappeared for a while.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Letters from GG Allin 8

More letters from the man, the myth, the guy who bled everywhere ... GG "I Will Not Act Civilized" Allin.  Always fun.


Got the article.

Mykel may or may not respond to you, but your best bet is to include a SASE.  I do still correspond with him occassionally, but not as often as I had in the past.  But we are still both very much in contact when we are in the same area.

The comp. idea sounds cool.  No objections on this end as long as it's put together right.  Try and find as many diff styles of torturous individuals + bands, etc..  Like maybe a fucking violin version of of "Drink Fight + Fuck" etc..  You get the picture.  Instead of bands trying to copy it the way it is on the records.  Let me know how it comes about.  Send #7 as soon as it's out.

GG Allin 206045

As you readers know, the compilation never came out.  We did get a few bands sending us stuff, and some of it was quite interesting.  Allin's death derailed the project, however.  I was not into the idea of looking like I was exploiting his death.

Friday, May 13, 2011

More Letters From Doug Evil

That's right.  Another missive from the man behind Orgy of One -- Doug Evil.  In this letter he writes a poetry anthology which I doubt I contributed to, as well hallucinations I was apparently having at the time.  I remember no such thing. 


[Phone number censored for obvious reasons.]

I'm still only considering doing that poem anthology.  Send poems anyway.  Most likely I'll do it.  If I do the book will be called Severed Fairy Tails.

You've sparked real interest in me about your hallucinations.  Please go into further detail.  As for unbelievable ... I'm a vampire, remember?

How soon do you need that cover?  To be honest I haven't started it yet.  I have vacation from Dec 11 - Jan 11.  Can you wait until then?  If not I'll make time.

Get the light out of here!!!- Doug Evil

The only part of this letter that sounds remotely familiar to me is the cover of 'zine he was working on for me.  Other than that, I have no recollection of anything he is talking about.  Strange.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Give 'Em the Boot ... Again

Hellcat Records has some good music.  Not all of it, granted, but enough to warrant some attention.  One of the best ways to get an idea of what is being offered is from the Give 'Em the Boot series.  Back in 2004 the fourth part of this series came out, and it is worth looking into.
Opening with Rancid's "Killing Zone" is a good way to start any release.  Following it up with The Aggrolites' "Dirty Reggae" is a good way to kill it.  That is precisely why this CD does not see a lot of rotation in my stereo.  Yeah, I like The Slackers as much as the next guy, and you can't go wrong with the Dropkick Murphys or HorrorPops, but for all those good bands there's stuff like Chris Murray's "Let There Be Peace," which makes you wonder just what the hell you it is that happens to be coming out your speakers.

I know some can view Hellcast as boutique label for Tim Armstrong, and I have nothing wrong with that.  If that is the case, I do have to say that Armstrong's taste in music is very questionable in places.  Maybe he really, really likes Tiger Army.  I don't know.  I do know that this sampler makes me wonder what he is drinking.  I know this came out in 2004, but looking at the stuff on the label now shows that little has changed at this Epitaph offshoot.

At least Armstrong is consistent.

The first in this series of CDs had much the same problem, but it felt fresher.  It felt like it mattered more.  Listening to this fourth one makes it sound like status quo.  That said, it is still a great introduction to the type of music you can expect to find on the label.  Just don't expect anything truly mind blowing to come out of the experience.

Mandatory FTC Disclaimer:  I received this to review, so it was free.  Clicking on a link can earn me a small commission, which I desperately need so I can quit my job.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Voice

If you tune into NBC for more than three seconds you are bound to see a promo for The Voice, a show that claims to be nicer than American Idol.  What else sets it apart?  Judges nobody cares about and singers who may be ugly.  At least that's what I get from the commercials.  I haven't watched the show and have no desire to do so.  The TV ads tell me everything I need to know.

I know these talent shows appeal to a certain segment of society, and I know they help keep television writers out of work.  I know family and friends of contesants love tuning in to see if they'll win, and then get their towns to hold celebrations if their favored son or daughter moves up far enough in the competition.  The world loves an underdog.  The world hates George Michael.  It makes for compelling television on some level.  It has little to do with the music or the art behind it.  This is entertainment.

In the end, shows like The Voice are quite harmless.  They do their job, and the "artists" they produce are usually forgettable after a few years.  Some have gone on to some degree of fame, which makes you wonder if they would have ever had the opportunity otherwise (doubtful knowing how the world of music works).  For the most part, however, these souls are forgotten by the time the next inevitable season starts, only to merit a nod once the flashback episode arrives.

Will The Voice lead to a promising career for its winner?  The only person who cares about that is the soon-to-be champion.  The rest of the world will move on, and that is perhaps the truest lesson that can be learned from this show.  These musicians are disposable.  They are fodder.  They are the filler in between ads for Dodge Chargers and iPads.  They may think they are more than that, but in the end, that is all they are to the executives at NBC.  Who would've thought the world of television and music would have so much in common?

Mandatory FTC Disclaimer:  Clicking on a link could earn me a commission.  Blah.