Monday, September 5, 2011

Letters from GG Allin 10

It's time for more GG Allin letter fun.  I keep finding these, and people seem to like them, so I'll continue until I run out of them.


I got issue #6 and the m.o..  I'll be getting in touch w/my people on the outside to take of it.  Send #7 as soon as it's out.  Enclosed is a missing flyer for you to include in the next issue also.  Make copies and post the motherfuckers everywhere.  Fuck these pig bastards.

GG Allin 206045

I couldn't find the flyer online, and I don't feel ambitious enough to scan it here, but I did hang them up in various places, including at my factory job that I had at the time.  It prompted plenty of questions and helped solidify my insanity in management's eyes.

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