Monday, March 14, 2011

Letters from GG Allin 5

Once again, I present more letters from the late, great GG Allin.  This one came on the back of his Michigan Department of Correction Certificate of Discharge/Termination of Sentence paper.  Signed by the warden on 2/13/93.  This was an actual discharge and not a termination of sentence. 

Allin's letter references "Brad."  Brad was a co-worker who told me he didn't think Allin was that tough or that extreme.  In fact, Brad thought Ozzy Osbourne was far more extreme.  Obviously Brad never came face-to-face with Allin.  When I showed Brad Allin's response (below), the universal reaction around work was that of fear.  They were afraid GG was a-comin' and wanted to know why I would do such a thing to Brad.  Brad was a bit scared, too, despite the fact that he had previously said Allin wasn't a bad ass.  Enjoy.  It's short, but sweet.


Tell Brad I'll take him on any place any fucking time..  I'll fip his fucking face off the spineless pussy.. I'll be at Merle's after April 10th.

GG Allin

Merle, as many people know, is Allin's brother.  I was going to scan the letter here to show Allin's scrawl is even more outrageous than usual, but I figured the words would get the point across.  Allin never showed up at my job (I would've been fired on the spot), but I have no doubt that had he met Brad he would have knocked him the hell out.  Good times, good times.

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