Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He's Still Dead!

With the amount of coverage given to it, you would think Mr. Jackson's death was another 9/11. Obviously it's not. It's just another dead musician with the stench of little boys' fear lingering over it ... something a lot of media have glossed over.

Granted, the Gloved One (shades of a proctologist ready to probe) was never convicted of placing pre-pubescent penises into his mouth or any other orifice. He reached a rather large settlement with one accuser in order to avoid a media fiasco like "O.J.," his words. For a man who has thrived on creating media spectacles, I guess that one was too much to take.

There could be truth to his assertions that he didn't want to be dragged through the mud like O.J.. There could be some truth to the fact that since he was a celebrity people would accuse him of anything. There could be some truth that his decidedly odd behavior and words about children could be misinterpreted. But it could also be true, and is in fact far more likely (a duck is a duck, after all), that he molested young boys. Fans of Jackson can ignore that, the media can ignore that (perhaps waiting for the inevitable backlash to examine further), but the man had been accused of it for so long by so many that one has to wonder.

Some of you are saying I'm a hypocrite. I've written positive words about GG Allin and mourned his death. There's a difference, though. GG Allin was open about who he was and what he did. The man who slept in the same bed as non-related children was not ... maybe.

I can't say for sure what went on in Neverland (strangely named as it is). But I'm sure somebody knows. If he is proven innocent, I'll be the first to apologize. He won't be, though, because it's impossible at this point. Just as some people wouldn't believe he molested boys even if they saw a video of it.

If you look at the psychology of a lot of male molesters of boys, you will see some of the same behaviors in Jackson. Surrounded himself with boys. Never seemed to grow up. Related better to children. The list goes on.

And the parents who let their children stay over at his mansion are just as guilty.

Jackson is still dead, and the heartfelt (if talentless) tributes continue ... and will for some time. I personally don't care one way or another. Jackson had zero effect on my life. For several million people, however, those with surprising absences of memory, they are spending their days moonwalking and reminiscing about how they lost their virginity to "Billie Jean."

I'm sure their not the only ones. They were probably of legal age, however.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The King Of Pop

He's dead. Heard the news at work and blurted out, "DYT! Dead Young Thing." Yeah, he was 50, but I was on the spot.

I never really cared about Michael Jackson, and I believe he probably did molest some kids. I also never understood why people liked him so much. Prince has more talent and style than Mr. Jackson, but Michael was apparently more acceptable to the mainstream public. Bland music for bland people. That's how I see it.

The plastic commentator on "Early Today" said he heard people would be talking about their favorite Michael Jackson song and favorite Farrah Fawcett role. Is it any wonder people are turning away from the major networks for news when crap like that comes out of people's mouths?

My favorite Michael Jackson song? None. I taped "Thriller" off the radio when I was young, but only because I was a Vincent Price fan. His death means I won't have to hear any new music, which is a blessing, unless they pull a Tupac on him. If that's the case we'll be saddled with high-pitched squeals for the next decade or so.

So, yea! A mediocre singer is dead. For all that praise, and it will come out, what has he done in the past few years that has actually been worth any kind of merit?

Thought so.

The only thing sad about all of this is that in the Next World there are a bunch of little boys suddenly very, very scared.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Side Of Hell

I started my trip today by turning on our local classic rock station, KXGO, and experienced "Paint it Black" by none other than the Rolling Stones. Every single one of you should be familiar with the song.

I don't want to say that song is an omen, but it does sum up how I've been feeling lately. I can't put my finger on why, but that song just fits the mood.

I've never been the biggest Rolling Stones fan, but I won't turn off the radio when one of the band's songs come on. I don't think the band is overrated like The Beatles or Led Zeppelin, but I also feel like the later stuff is a bit played out. "Paint it Black," however, is classic.

If memory serves correctly, The Avengers have done a cover of the song, and it was used as the opening number for China Beach. Again, I could be wrong, but it seems appropriate.

Am I still in that mood? Yeah. Kind of. Lack of money does that. But I can thank the Rolling Stones for letting me know I'm not alone in my desire to color it a darker shade. For that, I am thankful.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mojo Rising

The two posted videos show exactly why I like Peeping Tom, which I consider pop music for people who hate pop music. Mike Patton, one of the best singers in the world (and Humboldt County native) put together a CD of some incredible songs. I highly recommend it. Enjoy ...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mouthful of Hate 2

Okay, after a comment here and the glorious Nikki mentioning that she heard the Cohen/Eminem
incident was also staged, I decided to look into it a bit more. As of the writing on it this morning, I had only heard speculation, but WENN is reporting that MTV admitted it was staged. Well, shit, that sucks.

I've lost a bit of respect for Cohen, who could've pulled this off (and should have) without it being staged. Perhaps he was scared that Slim Shady would put a cap in his bare ass. I don't know. What I do know is that staging it takes away all its power and message. In that sense, Eminem comes across as a trooper, and Cohen and MTV look weak (MTV has had no relevancy for decades, so no loss there). Cohen understands pranks, so I don't get why he would do this ... unless he was scared ... or felt that Eminem deserved some sort of respect that hasn't been given to the "civilians" he's pranked.

I'm disappointed. What could have been a great prank has now been ruined. Apparently the only one with any balls was Eminem ... and I'm not just talking about the ones in his face.

Mouthful Of Hate

When Sacha Baron Cohen put his crotch in the face of Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards it was a moment of divine inspiration. Here was the homophobic rapper (at least that's the image he puts across in his songs) getting a face full of ass and balls.

And he looked pissed. His bodyguards looked pissed. Audiences members looked confused and perplexed. It was a great moment, and the only one to blame is Eminem.

When someone puts himself out there as being so homophobic you can only expect a backlash. One of the best backlashes is, of course, comedy. If everyone is laughing (which I was), it's pretty damn hard for them to feel sorry for you. I watched it and thought, "Wow, he really deserves this one."

I'm kind of surprised Cohen didn't get the crap pounded out of him. He was pushed around a bit, and it looked like maybe one fist flew, but damn if that wasn't worth it. The rapper, who attacks everyone in sight (and this is more than fine), sets himself up as a target for those people, and believe me they can hurt him more than he can hurt them. That was proven here. So why is that?

When Eminem attacks unprovoked (which again, is fine), he makes his targets victims. Victims of his hate and anger. When those targets fight back, however, it becomes self-defense and justice. People sympathize with that. They figure the original aggressor got what he had coming, and I can't disagree.

I am in no way suggesting Eminem tone down his act. I'm not a fan of his, but I totally defend his right to say whatever the hell crosses his mind. I'm also encouraging people to fight back, especially if it is done in a humorous way, such as Cohen's actions. Perhaps gay men can run up to the rapper and dry hump him. The paparazzi is around, so it will all be caught. (Just expect charges to be pressed, but again -- worth it.) Perhaps they can proposition him in the most obscene way possible.

I worked with a homophobic guy who often called me "faggot." I didn't really care, but it was annoying. (I'm one of those "consider the source" kind of guys.) So, one day after saying enough is enough, I waited until he was talking to this girl he really liked and said something like "Craig, I've been waiting forever to do this."

And I kissed him.

I only kissed him on the cheek, but it was enough. He flipped. She laughed her ass off, as did everyone else who saw it. Then he stormed out. Our relationship changed, though. After that, he actually stopped calling me names (again, not that I cared), and sometimes even pretended to be gay. (It was almost as if he didn't get that it was a joke, and that was kind of odd.)

Sometimes that's all it takes. If it doesn't work -- fine. You still got a good joke out of it .. and a television audience is nothing but amused.