Monday, February 21, 2011

Letters from GG Allin 4

Ironic.  I decided to listen to A Tribute to the Exploited: Punk's Not Dead while another reprint of a letter from GG Allin, who is very much dead.  The letter, long by Allin's standards, came to me from prison on the back of flier for the upcoming (at the time) film Hated.  If you haven't seen Hated I highly recommend it.  It may offend, but it is a fascinating look into a mind such as Allin's.  Without further rambling ...


Can't think of any bands to recommend for the comp.. Most of the bands I know have already done versions of my material.. I want bands that nobody has heard of or at least very unpopular bands.  I want it to be fucking brutal noisy and hate filled mutilation of the senses.. If you run the ad in MRR, you should run it more than once.

Hated is due for its premier showing in Jan in NYC..

It will not be available to the public for quite a while.. Todd plans in possibly taking it on the road to film festivals, etc..

Send #7 when its printed. Put-from publisher on the envelope.  I'll see what I can come up w/for #8. 

GG Allin

Tell those simp [?] people to fuck themselves.  Real R+R is suppose to leave a bad taste and a dagger in your fucking gut...

I couldn't agree more with Allin on what real rock 'n' roll should do.  If he could see what was being presented as rebellion these days he would go on the attack instantly.  If anything, the present music scene is even more watered down and has very little to offer someone looking for something truly thought provoking. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Was a Murder Junkie: Waking Up With GG Allin

I like to fall asleep listening to music.  I put the Bose on low, set the sleep timer and then try to drift off.  The other day I was listening to the CD that came with the book I Was a Murder Junkie: The Last Days of GG Allin.  It had been a long time since I had listened to it.  I had forgotten what it had.

The first song is an acoustic ode to the love of the weed Humboldt is famous for.  That is when I started to fall asleep.  A short while later I was awakened in a state of terror, reaching for my knife ...

If you've never heard the CD, it's a few acoustic songs and some interviews with Allin, the Murder Junkies and the author of the book.  Well, not interviews by the normal definition of the word, but radio appearances and whatnot.  If you've never heard Allin speak, imagine a voice turned gravel by years of hard living, alcohol and guttural screams for the audiences throughout the country. 

What I woke up to was the radio show appearance where Allin and crew were being their charming best ... just inches from my ear.  Yeah, I freaked.  My hand went right under my bed and pulled out my knife, which I got from a since-deceased biker whom I'm sure put it in at least one person.  The blade is long enough that if I stuck it in your neck it would come out the other side with plenty of metal to spare.  It is intimidating, which is what I wanted because I was convinced psychopaths had made their way into my room.

The moral of this story is: Don't listen to GG Allin talk while you are trying to sleep.  You'll wake up paranoid and ready for violence ... which is just how he would have wanted it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Orgy of One

While waiting to see when/if some friends would ever arrive (and I would be lucky if it were an "if"), I popped in a tape I hadn't listened to in a long time.  Ogry of One's ... From Outer Space.  There's a good chance that most of you reading this have never heard of this one-man band named after a Meatmen song.  If you're a Misfits fan, though, you should be familiar or make yourself that way.

The product of Doug Evil (who is now a great photographer out of Pittsburgh and did the logo for my old band JFK's Head -- yes, he's also an excellent artist), Orgy of One came about due to his fascination with the Misfits.  I had received a tape to review, and we quickly started writing.

... From Outerspace is a cassette-only release.  Four songs.  All of them Misfits cover tunes.  "London Dungeon," "Bullet," "Last Caress," and "Mommy ... Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?"  All of those are classic Misfits, and this one-man band does them proud.  Released on Pernicious Misanthrope Records (year unknown), Evil gave away the tapes for the price of postage, unable to sell them for the obvious reasons.  (He once asked me if I thought he would get in trouble.  I knew Mo and Doyle of the Misfits and told him I thought they'd enjoy hearing it and gave him info on how to contact them.)

Listening to this tape brought back some memories.  Good memories.  I remembered some of my contacts with Evil, too.  He was a good guy, and it looks like he's gone on to some great things.  I wonder if he ever pops this tape in and relives some old times?  Probably not.  I rarely go back and read the things I wrote from so long ago.  Either way, I'm glad I still own the tape, and it definitely isn't going up for sale.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Letters from GG Allin 3

This letter came on a standard piece of notebook paper.  GG didn't seem to care too much about keeping on the lines.  I don't know what set him off this time, but here is what he wrote.


No you didn't piss me off, and it's no fucking rock star trip ... Come on motherfucker you ought to know me a bit better than that.  I've been busy with the book, the tour, the LP, the film, but I'm down to my final days of this prison time so I just keep getting more and more fucking busy planning the Terror in America tour w/ the Murder Junkies and everything else.  I'm walking out into a fucking whirlwind of fire.  But I'm ready ... More than ready.  Call me at Merle's [I'm not reprinting the number here] after April 1st ... I'll fill you in on what's going down ...

GG Allin