Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be Ready to Fucking Burn -- The GG Allin Interview

"I kill everything I fuck" -- "I Kill Everything I Fuck"
This interview was originally published in one of my 'zines and then was stolen by a glossy magazine, which no longer exists.  It is not my favorite interview I have ever done for several reasons.  First and foremost is because it was done through the mail.  At the time of this interview (1992), Allin was in prison, and all my phone calls with him were repeatedly cut short.  He and I both agreed that rather than break up an interview over several weeks (and possibly having to recap everything), it would be best to do it via the mail.  The second reason was because of his answers.  Granted, my questions are not the best.  It is far easier to interview someone when you are working off an actual conversation (and our conversations, as one could imagine, were pretty varied in topic).  Instead, I had to think of questions that I hoped he would give interesting answers to.  If you ever listened to Allin speak, a lot of what he said was the same thing over and over.  His usual cliches came out with almost every question, and that is the case here as well.  I think we are both to blame for that one.

You'll notice that one of the questions I asked was about Allin's feelings toward Nazi skinheads.  There was a reason for this.  When I first heard of Allin it was through some white power skinheads I knew.  They hated him, and they were planning a mission to kill him at a show in New York.  I figured anyone who got them that riled up had to be worth looking into.  I was right.  Enjoy a decidedly lame interview, conducted via mail while Allin was in prison in 1992.  (If you've never read or listened to one of his interviews, you may actually find this interesting as an examination of danger personified.)

Doug:  What are you in prison for?

"Watch me kill the Boston Girl" -- "Watch Me Kill"
GG:  Because of the war I have waged against society through my rock 'n' roll mission.  Because I can generate my own visions and live by my own fucking laws.  They fear the realities in which I live because I am in touch with my inner demons and run wild with them without fear.  They know I'm the real motherfucking nonconformist that cannot be bought and sold.  Not a puppet of the industry.  I'm the real one man army warrior.  That's the bottom line as to why I am in prison.

Doug:  Why did you go on Geraldo?

GG:  Geraldo's producer called for us to be on the show.  I went on to say what I had to fucking say.  I don't change for anybody.  But I knew my appearance would piss off a lot of people, so that's why I went on.  When you see the show, you'll know what I mean.

Doug:  What do you think of Nazi skins?

GG:  I believe in the alliance of violence.  I take from the left and of the right and use whoever I have to use to get where I have to go.  My only concern is w/myself and my own mission.  Your [sic] either part of it, or your [sic] the fucking enemy.

Doug:  What gave you your ideas?  What made you you?

GG:  My fucking chaotic life and desires of lawlessness.

Doug:  Why hasn't anyone killed you yet?  Enough people hate you.

GG:  I have had threats on my life for the past 10-15 years.  But I'm still out there in the battle zone.  Most people are all fucking talk.  So if anyone tells you they plan on killing me tell them I'll see them on the road in '93.  I'll fucking be ready.  Will they?

"My demons lay beside me as I kiss them one by one" -- "Son of Evil"
Doug:  Whatever happened to that girl you set fire to?  Was that true?

GG:  Yes and who gives a fuck what happened to that useless cunt?  You play with GG Allin and put yourself on the GG Allin altar, then you better be ready to fucking burn with the master of diabolical deeds.

Doug:  Explain your mission.

GG:  Revolution.  Destroy those in the power seats.  Destroy those who are trying to institutionalize rock 'n' roll.  I want to return the rock 'n' roll underground to its original purpose: to be a dangerous threat to society and [illegible] and a terrorism towards morals and values that are forced upon us by our legal system and those who try and brainwash us from birth.  Destroy r 'n' r as it now stands and rebuild it in the name of GG Allin.

Doug:  What are your plans once you are released?

GG:  Revenge.  To take the GG Allin mission back on the road and to the streets.  To create havok [sic], chaos, violence, destruction.  A war if you will.  The blood must be spilled in the name of the GG All R 'n' R Revolution.  It has to be fucking real.

Doug:  Explain some of your sexual adventures.

GG:  There are way to [sic] many to get into.

"I'm here to wipe you out" -- "Fuck Off, We Murder"
Doug:  Who will be the next band you perform with?

GG:  The Murder Junkies.

Doug:  Are you still planning the suicide?

GG:  When I am released [the] final date will be set up.  But first I have to create my alliance.  All battles must be fought.  When the time is right, then I will take my life my own way.

Doug:  Most fucked up incident to happen to you?

GG:  Nothing to me is a fucked up incident.  Everything that happens to me just makes me stronger.  I seek tragic situations.  I accelerate danger.  I put myself through torture every fucking day.  That's why I can face any situation I am confronted with.

Doug:  Last words ...

GG:  It's time to fucking wake up and realize that my mission is the only fucking real rock 'n' roll mission that really does matter.  If we are to remain the true nonconformists rebels that our government seeks to destroy, we must be willing to stand up and fight.  It's better to die standing up than to live on your knees. -- GG Allin 206045

Who Runs This Dump -- Al's Bar '82 Misfits Bootleg

As I readied myself for a day of nonsense, I put on my vinyl copy of the Misfits bootleg Al's Bar '82.  If you are a Misfits fan, you've probably heard this, and maybe own it as I believe there are actually bootlegs of the bootleg.

My copy is a clear blue or purple vinyl (I'm color blind, so it may even be aqua).  The sound quality is pretty good compared to many other Misfits bootlegs.  Of course, you get the usual Danzig banter between songs, which is always nice, and the song selection is a solid blast of Misfits goodness ("Bullet," "Attitude," "Horror Hotel," "Devil's Whorehouse" and many more).  As noted by the title, it was recorded at Al's Bar in Los Angeles back in 1982 (apparently, from my research, April 17).

Of all the bootlegs I own (not pirated music of legitmate releases, but actually bootlegs on vinyl, cassette or CD), I own more Misfits stuff than anything else.  I'm a bit partial to it.  There was a time I would make regular pilgrimages to some dive record store in Scranton, PA to get whatever Misfits bootleg tapes the owner had in stock.  He was getting these shows from some source that would put a show or two on a black cassette, give it a name, and then do a photocopied cover using either a Misfits picture or some "eerie" photos or artwork.  The sound quality on these was piss poor, and more than one was the exact copy of another release with a different name.  Since few had song lists, there was no real way to tell what you were getting, but I didn't care.  The Misfits was the Misfits, and even if they copied one another, there was sometimes an extra song on one that was left off the other.  It made for a frustrating, but kind of fun search, and the price was right at between five and eight bucks a pop.

Long gone are those days, but I still have all those bootlegs to break out when the mood is right ... like this morning.  A day of nonsense that will be made a bit better by "Ghouls Night Out."

Eating People With the Juke Joint Pimps

 If you read my other blogs, you know I've been prepping my cannibal manuscript for the Kindle.  When I write I tend to listen to a lot of music.  This song, by the Juke Joint Pimps, has been played more than once ... for the more pleasant moments in the manuscript.

Music is important to viewers while watching a movie.  For some writers, the process of creation practically requires music for it to feel complete.  The other manuscript I'm working on, one that involves a complex mix of sex and violence, has a classic rock soundtrack.  Everything I listen to while writing it is stuff that can be found on classic rock stations.  The Rolling Stones, Edgar Winter, Blue Oyster Cult, Grand Funk Railroad.  You name it.  If it's appeared on a classic rock station, I probably listened to it.

The reason I blast music while writing creatively (for the record, I have CNN on as I write this) is to help set the mood.  Sometimes I find that the rhythm of my writing matches the music, and the scene I'm writing will match the music.  It not only helps set the mood in the story, but it keeps the atmosphere forefront in my mind, as well.  When I listened to the Juke Joint Pimps while working on the cannibal manuscript, it invoked certain feelings, as did old country music and a select few other bands.  It enabled me to stay in the right frame of mind to make sure my characters had the certain swagger I wanted.

Writers are split on whether or not you should listen to music while writing.  Some find it distracting.  Some thinks it actually takes away from the experience.  Others, like myself, find that aids either the creative process or the actual "work" aspect of writing.  To each their own.  I'm going to stick with the Juke Joint Pimps as I edit the scenes where captured teens are being told their fate.  It just feels ... right.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Letters from GG Allin 9

Another letter from the rock 'n' roll terrorist, GG Allin.  You may notice that in the opening of the letter he asks for some money for "Geraldo."  The "Geraldo" in question was the one who now has a show on Fox.  I had wanted a copy of the show Allin appeared on.  I did actually send money while Allin was in prison, and I never got the tape.  When Allin got out I asked him about it, and he told me that his brother, Merle, had probably just took the money.  Then he told me he would make a copy of it that weekend.  Unfortunately, death took him before that happened.  No matter.  He would've forgot anyway.


If you want Geraldo, send some money ... if you want to do the interview -- send the questions ... but only if you are serious about putting it out.

Your friend sounds like one stupid fuck who has lived a very shallow life.  Ozzy is nothing but a fucking pussy assed family man dork phoney.  What a fucking moron.

Also-don't send a tape.  They won't let it in.  No tapes allowed in prison.  Wait until I get out.  I do like what you represent.  Sex, violence, political assassination.

Legalize Murder,
GG Allin

The friend in question had sad Ozzy was far more outrageous and that Allin was a "pussy."  I tried to point out dozens of ways Allin had Ozzy beat, but Allin's antics were so outrageous that my friend couldn't comprehend it.  As for the Geraldo bit ... it's on YouTube.