Saturday, May 16, 2009

Go Away

Motley Crue will not die. From what I've heard, the band appeared on the season finale of Bones. Seriously? Is this real?

I am not a fan of Motley Crue. I look it at as safe music for people afraid to really rebel against anything. Yeah, the band is hedonistic, but put them up against the Murder Junkies and we'll talk about real danger. Then there's the music. The best you can say is that it is catchy. The worst? It's boring.

I have friends who like the band, some who love it. That's okay. To each their own. I just think that after countless of bad television shows, plastic surgery, and general mediocrity that its fans would one day realize that the old sheen is gone. What was borderline before, has crossed over into self-mockery. It's Motley Crue. Who cares?

I don't dispute that the band is still popular. I do, however, dispute the fan base's tastes. This is safe music made for people who like to think they are on the edge, living vicariously through the vices of musicians who have stock portfolios. God, I wish those overdoses would've stuck.

I despise music that is marketed as rebellion and dangerous, yet is anything but. To me, as a music fan, that is the ultimate insult. Could you ever see Bloody Mess being given a reality show? Hell no. He's too unpredictable, too dangerous for real. Could you see the Mentors on the finale of ER? Negative, Ghostrider. That shit just ain't gonna happen.

So the next time you Crue fans think your music is somehow rebellion made good, remember all the corporate sponsors and preprogrammed banter that only differs by city name. You are being sold an image, and not a very authentic one at that.

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