Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Should I Stay or Should I Go

That song, from one of the best bands in the world (The Clash, in case you don't know), was playing on the radio when I left work. Turned it on, and there it was. Loud. Proper. Ironic. I had just spent the past few minutes talking to a new co-worker who was feeling overwhelmed, and I was telling her how I first felt, and then I hear that song.

It's not the best Clash song by far. But it is among the best of the Clash songs that are played on the radio. It's recognizable and we've all been there. You could never say the band didn't know how to write a song.

The traffic was horrible coming out of work. I cranked the radio up and took the back way, and I thought, "The Clash usually makes most things all right." There are a few other musicians and bands I listen to that usually can make a shitty day (like today) just disappear. Prince. Misfits. The Monsters. Faith No More. Black Flag. Ministry. 20 Miles. Those are a few I can listen to and just watch the world melt away. That's the power of music. You got to respect that.

"Should I Stay or Should I Go" was not my theme for the day. I know how I feel about work. I know what it gives me. I ask for nothing more. I don't need the song represent a relationship, either. The song really is pretty straightforward, too, so it's not like it's even that symbolic. What it was today, however, was a reminder ... a reminder of younger days, carefree days. Days where I made bombs, ate free pizza and fucked without concern. Now I'm a parent. I have a job (but it don't pay). I am trying to keep the writing career going. I have bills. My back is killing me. Those carefree days haven't vanished, but they have changed.

If I go there will be trouble ...

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