Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Perfect Band

There are few bands I can honestly say are perfect.  These are bands I can listen to at any time and will somehow always fit my mood.  Even the bad songs are good.  The Clash is one of them.  Nashville Pussy is another.

Yesterday, I drove to work knowing there was a fairly good chance the day would be hell.  The first song that popped on my MP3 player was "Speed Machine" from Nashville Pussy.  I figured this would set the tone of the day in the most splendid of ways.

I was right.  It was Nashville Pussy.  How could I be wrong.

When I write, either creatively or on one of the blogs, NP can usually be heard pounding out the speakers.  It just always puts me in the right mood. 

I once described NP's sound to a friend like this: dirty, raw sex in the South on the most humid of days with the most uninhibited woman you could ever hope to find.  You will be left sore, but you will go back for more.

I think that description fits.

"Good Night for a Heart Attack" and "Struttin' Cock" are two songs that fit my mood way too much.  How can you not hear the latter and just think sex?

Open wide and put a little South in your mouth.  Perfect fucking band.  Perfect.


  1. Nashville Pussy is a good band to get wasted to but kinda like HankIII they sound a bit off sober. The Supersuckers sound better in the morning.

  2. I have to disagree. I'm never wasted (don't drink or indulge in the drugs), and I've always really enjoyed Nashville Pussy. I thank you for your comment, though.