Sunday, September 12, 2010

Total War

You can take this at face value, or you can personalize it.  While I don't agree with all of Boyd Rice's views, I will admit that the ritual of this when combined with the words can be inspiring.  I don't take this song as a game plan for my political or social life.  But I do find it to be a source of strength for inner conflict.  To attack and destroy the weakness in myself and in those that surround me. 

This was recorded at a live show in Osaka.  (It's a great DVD, by the way.)  Yes, his politics are questionable at the very least, and the imagery he uses inspires discomfort in many (with reason).  I don't think you can deny the words as a source of strength, however, and nor can you deny the power of the symbols.

Then again, maybe it's all about the cool drumming and I'm just kind of simple.

And maybe not ...


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  2. Will I? I think we may have different readers, but hell, feel free to plug away with the poetry here.