Sunday, May 22, 2011

Info on the New Juke Joint Pimps Release

Regular readers know I'm a huge fan of Voodoo Rhythm Records and all it produces.  Here's the info I got on the new Juke Joint Pimps CD, Boogie The Church Down.  I expect this will be as awesome as every other release on the label.

The Juke Joint Pimps meet their alter Ego “the Gospel Pimps, TRASHED UP WILD FRANTIC RAW RHYTHM N BLUES CHICAGO STLYE meets holy grail preaching Gospel Louisiana Soul. Not only on this record, as well live on stage the Band Jumps into two Suits.. once into the BOOZE GUZZLLING SINNER PIMPS then got saved by the Holy .. THE GOSPEL PIMPS, incl. authentic Gospel Choir and Roman Catolic preacher uniforms, what does a sinner like you want more from live! The whole album starts up with EAT FOR ME, a song that could be written by R.L. BURNSIDE. It has slow songs as well like the I NEED MY BABY or SWEETEST HYMNS the flipside of the album is dominated by the gospel music of the early and mid 50’s THE STAPLE SINGERS the PEACOCK catalogue inspired them to do such a recording.. invited a gospel choir into the studio and start recording I FEE GUILTY is a fine example of very strange gospel and raw rhythm n blues .. sung by sinners for sinners and the outcast.

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