Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still More Letters From Doug Evil

I have not reproduced the band logo he is referencing here, as I think he may not like the logo now if he were to see it.  Doug Evil designed two logos for my band, JFK's Head.  I don't know if we ever used either because the band was pretty short lived.


Here are 2 versions of your logo.  If there's anything you don't like just write.  It would be no problem to do another.  In the future I won't make you pay.  We can simply trade tapes or 'zines or stuff.  I feel guilty making you pay after you give me free ad space and free publicity.  I'll also give you my new address but if you don't get a reply right away then the mailman can't find Doug Evil in Pitts.  Also, I should soon be in a full band within the next 1 or two months.  Till then ...

Haplessly Yours, Doug Evil

I did not mind paying for the logo.  Artists need to be compensated for their work.  (Even the ones from whom you steal music.)  I don't remember what I paid him, but I do think we stopped writing soon after this letter ... as Doug disappeared for a while.

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