Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Letters from GG Allin 9

Another letter from the rock 'n' roll terrorist, GG Allin.  You may notice that in the opening of the letter he asks for some money for "Geraldo."  The "Geraldo" in question was the one who now has a show on Fox.  I had wanted a copy of the show Allin appeared on.  I did actually send money while Allin was in prison, and I never got the tape.  When Allin got out I asked him about it, and he told me that his brother, Merle, had probably just took the money.  Then he told me he would make a copy of it that weekend.  Unfortunately, death took him before that happened.  No matter.  He would've forgot anyway.


If you want Geraldo, send some money ... if you want to do the interview -- send the questions ... but only if you are serious about putting it out.

Your friend sounds like one stupid fuck who has lived a very shallow life.  Ozzy is nothing but a fucking pussy assed family man dork phoney.  What a fucking moron.

Also-don't send a tape.  They won't let it in.  No tapes allowed in prison.  Wait until I get out.  I do like what you represent.  Sex, violence, political assassination.

Legalize Murder,
GG Allin

The friend in question had sad Ozzy was far more outrageous and that Allin was a "pussy."  I tried to point out dozens of ways Allin had Ozzy beat, but Allin's antics were so outrageous that my friend couldn't comprehend it.  As for the Geraldo bit ... it's on YouTube.

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