Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who Runs This Dump -- Al's Bar '82 Misfits Bootleg

As I readied myself for a day of nonsense, I put on my vinyl copy of the Misfits bootleg Al's Bar '82.  If you are a Misfits fan, you've probably heard this, and maybe own it as I believe there are actually bootlegs of the bootleg.

My copy is a clear blue or purple vinyl (I'm color blind, so it may even be aqua).  The sound quality is pretty good compared to many other Misfits bootlegs.  Of course, you get the usual Danzig banter between songs, which is always nice, and the song selection is a solid blast of Misfits goodness ("Bullet," "Attitude," "Horror Hotel," "Devil's Whorehouse" and many more).  As noted by the title, it was recorded at Al's Bar in Los Angeles back in 1982 (apparently, from my research, April 17).

Of all the bootlegs I own (not pirated music of legitmate releases, but actually bootlegs on vinyl, cassette or CD), I own more Misfits stuff than anything else.  I'm a bit partial to it.  There was a time I would make regular pilgrimages to some dive record store in Scranton, PA to get whatever Misfits bootleg tapes the owner had in stock.  He was getting these shows from some source that would put a show or two on a black cassette, give it a name, and then do a photocopied cover using either a Misfits picture or some "eerie" photos or artwork.  The sound quality on these was piss poor, and more than one was the exact copy of another release with a different name.  Since few had song lists, there was no real way to tell what you were getting, but I didn't care.  The Misfits was the Misfits, and even if they copied one another, there was sometimes an extra song on one that was left off the other.  It made for a frustrating, but kind of fun search, and the price was right at between five and eight bucks a pop.

Long gone are those days, but I still have all those bootlegs to break out when the mood is right ... like this morning.  A day of nonsense that will be made a bit better by "Ghouls Night Out."

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  1. I used to own a bunch of these tapes from the same exact place - The Electric Mindshaft on Lackawanna Ave... That guy was a shifty piece of shit but always had tons of boots...