Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Pulse of Persia

Ramin Rahimi (and "friends) created The Pulse of Persia: Iranian Rhythms -- Global Influences, and it is, quite simply, incredible.  This is the stuff people should be popping pills to and dancing away in some sweaty warehouse while waving glowsticks over their heads.

"Tornado" starts this 11 song set. It is only one minute long, but if I ever make a movie, this may be the song that plays over the opening credits. It is fast, filled with breakneck beats, and gives listeners the impression something is happening.  The rest of the CD has a hard time living up to it, with almost every other song going back to being more and more traditional, but don't let that dissuade you from checking this out.  While the songs may start to sound traditional, they are far from stale, and that is noticeable if only from the song titles.

While many world music releases have songs with vague or pleasant sounding titles, this release lets you know what is in store. "Technical Friendly Conversation," "D&T," "Heart Attack," "Passion," "This is the Daf," and others make you think you are in for some techno show ... and you are in a way.  This is world beat techno, using international beats and instruments to make something Daft Punk fans will love.  I imagine this means that world music purists will run from this in droves, but it is really their loss.  The world is a violent, chaotic mass of activity.  This music is its soundtrack.  There is nothing more worldly than that.

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