Saturday, February 18, 2012

Too Drunk to Truck

Trying to do an image search for the band Sixtyniners leads to some pretty interesting pictures.  Some people will put anything in their mouths.  After spending far too much time investigating these still images to find one that was appropriate, I came across the one on the left and knew I hit paydirt.

The Sixtyniners is a duo.  Claudia Hek and Michiel Hoving, both of the Netherlands.  The music they play, however, is not what you'd expect from the first nation to legalize same-sex marriage, and nor is what you'd picture when you spend time in the shower fantasizing about its name.

These two fine folks play country blues like it oozed forth from the humid Southeast of North America.  You know, the stuff you'd hear on the way from New Jersey to New Orleans. 

Though it is a duo, they do get lots of help on these 13 songs.  People from the likes of Mama Rosin, and Urban Dance Squad can be heard assisting with the mandolin, violin, banjo, harmonica and more.  It becomes less dirty truck stop and more full-blown country celebration.  Too Drunk to Truck, an obvious play on the Dead Kennedys' "Too Drunk to Fuck" (a shirt for which didn't go over too well with my father or my high school"), is another Voodoo Rhythm masterpiece.  Normally I find most country music to be something lacking not only in spirit but sincerity.  The stuff you hear on the radio and celebrated on NBC is not something I'd describe as anything other than mainstream-friendly poison.  No thinking required.  No way to find offense.  Voodoo, which has put out some country I like, has found a way to only release bands that seem to have a real understanding of what country music should sound like.  This is the antidote to Brooks & Dunn.  You won't hear that act singing "Hell" with the lyrics, "Not all God's roads are paved/With gold/Through rotten pines they/Do unfold/The devil's shortcuts in/your mind/Won't leave that rotten smell behind."  It just won't happen. 

Enjoy the country jamboree.  It may be foreign to us Americans, but it's better than almost anything coming out of Nashville these days.

Mandatory FTC Disclaimer:  Yep, I received this to review.  Yep, I loved it.  Clicking on a link can earn me a commission.  What of it?

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