Monday, February 21, 2011

Letters from GG Allin 4

Ironic.  I decided to listen to A Tribute to the Exploited: Punk's Not Dead while another reprint of a letter from GG Allin, who is very much dead.  The letter, long by Allin's standards, came to me from prison on the back of flier for the upcoming (at the time) film Hated.  If you haven't seen Hated I highly recommend it.  It may offend, but it is a fascinating look into a mind such as Allin's.  Without further rambling ...


Can't think of any bands to recommend for the comp.. Most of the bands I know have already done versions of my material.. I want bands that nobody has heard of or at least very unpopular bands.  I want it to be fucking brutal noisy and hate filled mutilation of the senses.. If you run the ad in MRR, you should run it more than once.

Hated is due for its premier showing in Jan in NYC..

It will not be available to the public for quite a while.. Todd plans in possibly taking it on the road to film festivals, etc..

Send #7 when its printed. Put-from publisher on the envelope.  I'll see what I can come up w/for #8. 

GG Allin

Tell those simp [?] people to fuck themselves.  Real R+R is suppose to leave a bad taste and a dagger in your fucking gut...

I couldn't agree more with Allin on what real rock 'n' roll should do.  If he could see what was being presented as rebellion these days he would go on the attack instantly.  If anything, the present music scene is even more watered down and has very little to offer someone looking for something truly thought provoking. 

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