Monday, March 14, 2011

Great Quotes from a GG Allin Press Release

As I was going through my papers, I found this three page press release for his next album.  (According to the end of the release, "GG Allin's new LP recorded in New York City, NY with the Murder Junkies to be announced soon [handwritten] is his first studio recording of all new material released in America since 1989.  Available on TBA soon [handwritten] Records. 

Here are some of the great quotes, which I think summed up GG Allin and his music pretty damn well.

"There is nothing anybody can do to shake up the underground anymore ... unless you are GG Allin who shits on stage and attacks women."  - Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth

"Allin says he leads the most violent rock 'n' roll band in the country.  We both agree that Allin's actions and lifestyle are among the most bizarre we have come across in decades of police work."  - Frank Hoy and Mary Smith, police detectives

"When it was too late, I realized my fate could have well been death." - GG Allin assault victim

"I've worked many murder cases, but this kind of behavior really sickens me." - anonymous New York City police officer

"Fights broke out, three people arrested and a near riot.  I blame GG Allin." - Lt. Bill Crook

"Mr. Allin's performance is a crime and the Constitution in this country does not save him.  Mr. Allin crossed the line in this performance." - Attorney Michael Steinhafel, prosecutor

"Failure to abide by the conditions of his parole and in lieu of the nature of his arrests in Florida and Texas (on stage) the parole board concluded that Mr. Allin is a risk to society at this time.  Maximum penalty suggested." -Michigan Department of Corrections

Who has picked up the mantle these days?  Nobody that I can think of.  Ah, the good ol' days ...

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