Monday, March 14, 2011

Letters from GG Allin 6

This letter came with a bunch of photocopied pictures, many of them signed by Allin.  One in particular, which I am too lazy to scan or I would, featured him sans pants standing on a Nazi flag and humping a statue of Jesus.  I think Disney is using that for a DVD cover or something.  Here's the letter, where Allin continues to rant against those who would dare question his loyalty to the rock 'n' roll mission.


You tell those motherfucking non-believers to come to one of my shows.. Then they will understand just how fucking brutal of a reality I live in..  They live in a very 
[word is inked out] tight shell.. When they get close to me I'll break that fucking shell wide open.. So keep pissing them off.. Support the only real rock n roll mission that really does matter..  I'm in prison because our society cannot control my non-conformist R+R revolution... They never fucking will..  I'll be out in early 93..  Then I'll get my revenge.. Im [sic] unstoppable..

GG Allin 206045

PS. They don't let tapes in.. I can only receive money orders in any amount.. M.O. must include both my name and prison # Allin-206045.. If you want a copy of the Geraldo tape I can get it for you...

I did actually want a copy of that tape, and sent Allin some money for it.  He forwarded the money to Merle, his brother, and I never saw the tape.  Do I care?  Hell no!  I got a pic of Allin humping a Jesus statue while standing on a swastika.  Duh.  Who is the winner there?

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